Have you ever wondered if the Farmers Market is more expensive than the grocery stores?  Well a study done in early 2016 in Orange County can show that Farmers Markets are the same or lower in price with higher quality.  Yes, you cannot obtain everything you need from your local Farmers Market, but what you obtain will be grown locally, have a smaller carbon food print, may be equal to or cost less, taste much better and put money back in the local economy.  
Why buy peaches in the summer from the grocery store that has them shipped in from South America, buy them at the Farmers Market and they were grown within 50 miles of home!  Plus the money you spend gets spent in your own community, growing the community in a positive way.  Here is a portion of the study.  
If you would like the whole study, please email info@sanjuanchamber.com and we will gladly send it to you.  Slides provided by the OC Food Access Coalition located in Santa Ana, CA.  http://ocfoodaccess.org

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